Timber Oak 16oz Soy Mason Jar Candle

Timber Oak 16oz Soy Mason Jar Candle

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Timber Oak 16 oz mason jar soy candles add a fresh farmhouse feel to any room. This soy candle features a vintage style lid.  

Approximate Burn Time: 80+ hours 

For an even burn throughout the entire candle, the first burn let your candle be lit for 2-3 hours.
Made in United States

Available Scents:

Blooming Jasmine - Intoxicating fresh blooms of jasmine with notes of rose and ylang sure to make your senses dance. (Body Safe)

Blueberry Muffins-Inviting aroma of delicious ripe blueberries baked in a mouthwatering batter.

Clothesline Breeze- Snuggled up in the fresh aroma of clean sheets clipped on a clothesline on a breezy day. (Body Safe)

Lemongrass - A fresh scent of green citrus peel mixed with lemongrass and other citrus fruits along with hints of ginger and a wood musk base.

Lilac - Fresh bloomed lilac leaves in the Spring is a sweet, floral scent many find enchanting any time of year.

Vanilla Lavender - a well-balanced blend of herbal lavender and warm vanilla. (Body Safe)

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